mediation services in Augsburg

Good relationships make life rich

A happy partnership, parents who work well together, flatmates who make you feel at home, a team that has your back, a an employee who trusts you, a boss who appreciates your work, a valuable customer who drives your business forward. I think relationships like these and others are a great treasure in one’s life.

This is why conflicts can be so painful,

can cost money, time and nerves, and even make one ill if they escalate or never find an end. I know this from my own experience. Maybe you find yourself in such a conflict and you don’t know anymore how the whole thing actually started, what it’s all about, or how the way to a satisfactory resolution could look like.

But they don’t need to be…

As a mediator I accompany you on your search for a solution. I set out with you to get to the bottom of things. And I am satisfied if at the end you have not only developed concrete solutions for yourself, but also take away ideas on how you can live or work together more satisfactorily – or part ways in a good way.